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Patch Notes [10/03/2017]
Patch Notes:-
  • Fixed issue with blue event steeds showing as invisible and being non enchantable.
  • Fixed issue with red steeds showing as invisible and being non enchantable.
  • Released red steeds to cash shop.(They are permanent and do not need to be renewed)
  • Released tier 2 mount crystals to cash shop.
  • Slight balancing done to temples. (Will observe and make changes as needed)

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[Maintenance Notice] 10/03/2017
Servers will close at 12 AM PST for maintenance.

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[Experience Update] 51-61
Hey guys,

We would like to announce that we've increased the experience rate for 51-61 to x10! (PvP Channel only)

This now matches our other experience brackets! All the way to 70 is x10 experience!

We hope this helps our new players to get into the game faster. Combined with our free experience scrolls at 10, free sets at 10 and 65 we think this will really help support our new players. Over the next few days we'll be running a like, share, comment event on our Facebook page to advertise this new levels of experience. Make use of this to get some referrals.

Please know we can only now do this step thanks to the new anti-hack system.


HelNet Team

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[Maintenance Notice] 17/02/2017
Servers will close at 12 AM PST for weekly maintenance.
The purpose of this maintenance will be to end the valentine event.

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Patch Notes [10/02/2017]
Notes :-

Added new NPC to Zant Park for Valentine Event
Started Valentine events lasting 7 days.

*Note that Lady Valentine will be removed next maintenance. So do buy up your items from it before the week is up. We will not be offering compensation for anyone who missed their chance to buy their things.

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[Maintenance Notice] 10/02/2017
Servers will go down at 12 AM PST for maintenance.

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Patch Notes [02/02/2017]
Patch Notes:-

Released level 80 12/24 man dungeons.
Updated nation flags.
Changed glow of conqueror staff.
Ended christmas event spawns and sales.
Update for anti cheat.

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[PROBLEM] Hardware Lock
Hello everyone!

We noticed that many users have been having issues with the new anti-hack software that we have in place. Please understand that all new updates that we add to the game are meant to improve the user experience. However, sometimes things don't go as planned and some unforeseen issues happen. The current anti hack is still not up to our standards and we are still working on fixing out all the bugs and the false positives.
Many people were locked due to these false positives. We really apologize for the inconvenience and would like to let everyone know that we are working on resolving the issues and getting the system to a more stable state for everyone to enjoy, so please bear with us as we fix these issues.

Please let us know if you have any problems through our support system.


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Patch Notes [31/01/2017]
Anti-cheat is now live. Players caught attempting to utilize any 3rd party software to illegally gain an advantage in the game will be automatically hardware ID banned from our servers. Effectively meaning your computer can no longer access any of our servers.

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[ADDITIONAL Maintenance Notice] 31/01/2017

Sorry for the late notice but we will be having an additional maintenance on the 31st January at 12am PST. (around 13hours after this post). This will be to patch a big surprise that Bjorn has been working on. Maintenance will so go ahead as planned on Friday.

Thank-you for your cooperation and patience.

HelNet Team

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