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[Maintenance] 09/04/17
Hey guys,

We took the server down quickly to a quick maintenance but unfortunately the servers failed to start properly. We have to wait for Bjorn to get online to fix them... We hope this will be soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

See the original post HERE
[Patch Notes] 07/04/17
Hey guys,

Here are your patch notes for today's maintenance!
  1. Launched the Aika Easter Event! Details in the thread
  2. Increased pricing of exile scroll from 1000 to 2000 and brought in package exile scrolls of 5 with a pricing of 9500. This is to attempt to combat 'casual' exiling.
  3. Added experience and money back to quests.
  4. Edited some warrior skills and rifleman basic attacks to promote balance - details in the post below.
  5. Moved the custom GM NPC's to the area in Regenshein labelled 'The Ministry of Finance' so they no longer go across the path and to avoid it looking too messy.
  6. Fixed Enriched and Extract AA icons.
  7. Changed the icon on the drop assistance potion to distinguish from destroyer potion.
  8. Changed the NPC models of the Custom Zantorian NPC's to match the new skins related to the Easter Event.
  9. Changed the reinforce effect of the conqueror wand to match what it should look like when reinforced.
  10. Changed the icons on version two mount stones to distinguish between earlier released mount stones.
Please be aware you should ALWAYS start the game using the launcher, things will not work otherwise.

We are aware of but couldn't fix for this maintenance the physical defence V2 mount stones showing an alternative stat on enchanting to mounts.

We will be discussing other potential new content and fixes in our State of the Game Address.

HelNet Team

See the original post HERE
[State of the Game Address] 07/04/17
This post will serve to provide some information on upcoming content and our plans with the game. As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated. However do note that some things we all want we can’t do, and although we can do some things we need them to be balanced.

Skill Re-balancing

The re-balancing has been delayed for way too long, so we've finally decided to push this out. We will be proceeding with this class by class and introducing new changes each week, while adjusting whatever is needed from the previous week's patch. Rest assured that we will be fine tuning everything not leaving anything overworked or underdone. We ask for your patience during this time and remind you gamers that we are a small team! Future edits to skills will be posted in advance in this sub-forum:

Custom Dungeons

We are currently looking into the possibility of adding a custom dungeon. We hope to add this in the near future. The aim of this dungeon is to promote PvE for both new players and old players alike. We are hoping this can assist players in being able to compete with cash shoppers as this is a complaint we’ve been receiving a lot. Any suggestions towards this or things you would like to see will be taken into account.

Karena Events

We have noticed that some nations have started not to value the Karena Events as much. We don’t want these events to get boring so we will be attempting to add more value to these events. We like that this is the only place you can get trampled flowers from and that isn’t likely to change.

Custom Gear

This is in the planning process right now as a long term plan. The idea is to have up to 8-10 different sets to build and use so as to defer away from the vanilla path and make things more interesting. We like how souls have developed lots of different build paths in game, from hyper tank to super damage, to utility, to healing clerics and tank clerics etc. However we want to make sure these are more balanced than souls, so while giving a fresh feeling aren’t deemed as too overpowered.

Strength Bug

Unfortunately we have no further news on this. We are working hard on it and hope we will have a solution. Rest assured we haven’t forgotten this.


We aim to bring more variety to what players choose to wear (skins) over their gear and will be releasing a lot more of these in the future. We aim to not only change glows but the original base colors as well.

Client Update

From now on the client will not run on an old patch. You will get the error that files are corrupted unless you have patched to the latest patch. This means during maintenance you will get errors until we release the patch. This is intended. ALWAYS run the game through the launcher and you will not have an issue.

Esse post servirá para providenciar algumas informações do conteúdo que esta por vir, e sobre os planos para o jogo. Como sempre o feedback e as sugestões são sempre bem vindos. No entanto, note que não podemos fazer aquilo que todos querem, porém, podemos fazer algumas coisas que precisamos para equilibrar.

Balanceamento de Skills

O balaceamento foi adiado por muito tempo, então nós finalmente decidimos em fazer isso. Nós iremos proceder classe por classe e introduzindo novas mudanças em cada semana, enquanto ajustamos o que for necessário do patch da semana anterior. Tenha certeza que estaremos ajustando tudo não deixando nada exagerado nem mal feito. Pedimos pela sua paciência durante esse tempo e relembrar a vocês gamers que somos uma equipe pequena! Futuras edições nas skills serão anunciadas antecipadamente.

Dungeons Customizadas

Estamos pensando na possibilidade de adcionar uma DG customizada. Esperamos em adicionar isso em um futuro próximo. O propósito dessa DG é promover o PvE tanto para novos jogadores quanto para jogadores antigos. Com isso, esperamos que isso possa ajudar os jogadores a conseguirem competir com os casher's, já que esta é uma queixa que temos recebido constantemente. Qualquer sugestão para isso ou coisas que você gostaria de ver, serã levados em conta.

Eventos em Karena (Defesa do Canhão e Ataque ao Castelo de Verus)

Percebemos que algumas nações começaram a não ligar muito para os Eventos em Karena. Não queremos que esses eventos fiquem chatos e massantes, portanto, estaremos tentando adicionar mais valor a esses eventos. Este é o único lugar que você pode conseguir Flores Pisoteadas e isso não será mudado.

Equipamentos Customizados

Isso está em um processo de planejamento, como um plano de longo prazo. A ideia é ter de 8 a 10 equipamentos diferentes para buildar e usar, de modo a tornar as coisas mais interessantes. Gostamos de como as Soul's criaram muitos caminhos para builds diferentes no jogo, de super tanque para super dano, para utilidade, para santas healer's e santas tanques, etc. No entanto, queremos ter certeza de que esses equipamentos sejam mais balanceados que as Soul's, de modo que, não sejam tão exagerados e OP's.

Bug da Força

Infelizmente não temos notícias sobre isso. Estamos trabalhando duro nisso, e esperamos que que teremos uma solução. Tenha a certeza que não esquecemos disso.


Nosso objetivo é trazer mais variedade para que os jogadores escolhar usar aparências diferentes em seus equipamentos, e estaremos lançando muitas aparências novas. Nosso objetivo não é só mudar o brilho, mas também as cores básicas.

Atualização do Client

De agora em diante o client não será executado em um patch antigo. Você receberá um erro de que os arquivos estão corrompidos, a menos que você tenha atualizado para o patch mais recente. Isso significa que durante a manutenção você receberá erros até liberarmos o patch. Isso é pretendido. SEMPRE execute o jogo através do launcher e você não terá nenhum problema.

See the original post HERE
[Maintenance Notice] 07/04/17
Hey guys,

We'll be doing a maintenance this Friday at 3am PST. This will be to patch our upcoming Easter event!
​​​​​​​We hope you are as excited as we are.


HelNetworks Team

See the original post HERE
[Patch Notes] 10/03/2017
Patch Notes:-
  • Fixed issue with blue event steeds showing as invisible and being non enchantable.
  • Fixed issue with red steeds showing as invisible and being non enchantable.
  • Released red steeds to cash shop.(They are permanent and do not need to be renewed)
  • Released tier 2 mount crystals to cash shop.
  • Slight balancing done to temples. (Will observe and make changes as needed)

See the original post HERE
[Maintenance Notice] 10/03/2017
Servers will close at 12 AM PST for maintenance.

See the original post HERE
[Experience Update] 51-61
Hey guys,

We would like to announce that we've increased the experience rate for 51-61 to x10! (PvP Channel only)

This now matches our other experience brackets! All the way to 70 is x10 experience!

We hope this helps our new players to get into the game faster. Combined with our free experience scrolls at 10, free sets at 10 and 65 we think this will really help support our new players. Over the next few days we'll be running a like, share, comment event on our Facebook page to advertise this new levels of experience. Make use of this to get some referrals.

Please know we can only now do this step thanks to the new anti-hack system.


HelNet Team

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[Maintenance Notice] 17/02/2017
Servers will close at 12 AM PST for weekly maintenance.
The purpose of this maintenance will be to end the valentine event.

See the original post HERE