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Suspended Accounts Pending Investigation
Hey guys,

So we've suspended a bunch of accounts because they've been linked to illegal activity on the server.
We have to process dozens of accounts, and we go through them one by one, so please be patient with us.

Also, you fuckboys who keep hacking and ruining shit for everyone, stop. Thanks.

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[Patch Notes] 23/12/16
Hey guys!

Patch notes for today's small maintenance:
  • Adjusted World bosses difficulty slightly
  • Fixed topaz bracelet DIY
  • Started a Christmas event
  • Added Christmas event items to Ronnir
  • Added Christmas pran costume package to cash shop LTD time sale
  • Fixed LMH entry problems
  • 15% D-point sale starting on the 24th
We at Hel-Networks would also like to say a big Merry Christmas to all our players. We hope you have a truly great time


Hel-Networks Team

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[Maintenance Notice] 23/12/2016
Servers will go down for maintenance at 1 AM PST for maintenance.

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Emergency Maintenance
Aika is down for emergency maint. We will update when we have news.

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[Maintenance Notice] 05/12/2016 COMPLETED
We will be taking servers down at 12 AM PST for maintenance.
The purpose of this is to roll out a permanent fix for the PvE server crashes.

Deployed the following:-
Added entry item requirements to all dungeons, they're buyable from their respective entry NPCs.
Fixed topaz necklace diy
Credited ABPs to users between level 30 and 79. Claim via T on the character u want it on.

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Black Friday Raffle Winners
The winners for the 5k dpoints are:-


And the winners for the Back to School Skins are :-


The dpoints have been credited to the respective accounts.
I have sent in game mails to the winners for the back to school skins(highest level character on the account). Please reply to me there to claim your prize.

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[25/11/2016] Patch Notes
They are:-

Adjusted tab choke guards again, they should feel less of a threat now.
Added 3 new world bosses and custom titles, read more here. (Indo and Portuguese versions of the guide will be released soon)
Added new NPCs to Zantorian Park.
Adjusted ElDiablo's HP.
Updated the Box of Souls from the level 10 starter box, they now give rank 4 souls.
Added Title Token to the cash shop.

World boss crystal boxes have a chance to give you one of the following crystals:
Critical Damage 14% Weapon
Cooldown Reduction 10% Weapon
Critical Resistance 10 Armor
Cooldown 6% Accesories

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Black Friday Sales
Hello everyone. In conjunction with Black Friday, we're giving a 20% bonus on all dpoint purchases for 24 hours!.
The bonus will take effect at 1.30 AM PST.

Furthermore every $10 worth of dpoints bought during these 24 hours will give you 1 entry into our raffle.
We will be choosing 3 lucky players to receive 5k dpoints each, and another 3 lucky players to receive a Back to School skin set of the class of your choice.

An example on how to enter the raffle will be as follows :-
Player A buys $65 worth of dpoints - Player A is entitled to 6 Entries
Player B buys $432 worth of dpoints - Player B is entitled to 43 Entries

Happy thanksgiving!

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[Maintenance Notice] 25/11/2016
We will be taking servers down at 12 AM PST weekly maintenance.

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[18/11/2016] Patch Notes
Patch Notes:-

Fixed academy weapon glows(sorta) will try to perfect them over coming patches.
Added ElDiablo as a new field boss, he spawns outside tab choke. Beware of his wrath!
Buffed up combat guards in important chokepoints in pvp zones. We will be watching how this plays out and make adjustments as necessary.

Updated our EXP rates:-

Karena 3.5x 71-80

Traband 7x 71-75
Traband 5x 76-80

(PVP Channels only)
Lakia 10x 1-50
Lakia 3x 51-60
Lakia 10x 61-70
Lakia 4x 71-80

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