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Server Status (02/07/2017)

Sorry for the late update but, the server has been cranky for the past day now as we've been dealing with a hard hitting DDOS which has finally overcome the login server.

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[UPDATE] Server State
Hello Everyone!

We are happy to let you know that we are in the final process of confirming that every item illegally acquired is accounted for and removed from the market. Hopefully we can have the server up and running within 24 hours.

We also have some more good news. This downtime gave us enough time to multitask and get a few things done that we are sure you will all like! We will be letting you know about them as they are finalized but I'm happy to tell you that the Paladin skill rework is done and I'll be summarizing the changes here:

- Martyr: The damage transfer percentage and damage has been greatly increased however the cooldown has been increased and the duration decreased.
- Divine Strike: Increased the cooldown and greatly increased the damage and movespeed reduction.
- Reflect Blow: Changed to a full Physical and Magical Damage reflect ability with a shorter duration and a longer cooldown
- Aegis: Switched the Pdef/Mdef component to Crit resist/pcrit resist and made the healing tick every second. Increased cooldown
- Perseverance:Reduced duration and increased the % of damage reduction but also reduced the max level of the ability to level 10 to allow for better skill point distribution
- Stronghold: Greatly increased the damage reduction chance and the maximum damage to be reduced
- Divine Ward: Reduced cooldown and duration and increased tick count
- Immortal Faith: Increased the healing and maximum HP boost as well as added a component that improves received healing.
- Heavenly Shield: Increased the bonuses as well as added a component that improves received healing for all party members.

Please let us know if you have any feedback!

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[17/06/17] Server Down Time
Hey guys,

The server has been taken back down, not sure how long this will take but I will let you know when its back up.

Updates will be posted on this thread.

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[17/06/17] Patch Notes

Quick patch notes for today:
  • Hollowpoint cast time reverted to 2 seconds (this should sort out the animation issues reported)
  • Go postal cast time changes reverted to sort the initial bugs with this skills, other changes remain in place
  • Updated game systems on our side
- We are aware with issues with Muspelheim PvE. It crashed shortly after the re-start. We will fix this when we have chance.

Please be aware that the skill re-work is still in progress. Unfortunately due to some issues on our side and with myself being very busy alot of our content updates have had to be delayed. We appreciate everyone's patience during this time and hope that it will get better over the next few weeks.


Eriam and the HelNet Team

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[17/06/17] Server Restart
Hi guys,

We'll be having a quick server restart at half past. This is to attempt to fix the problems logging in a few people are having. We hope to have more details on future patches for you soon.


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